Department Of Science Of Dental Materials

Materials used in dentistry include over 500 products by various manufacturers which broadly include preventive, surgical, orthodontic materials, direct/indirect restorative materials, dental laboratory material and auxiliary materials for a dental office. A dentist must understand why specific materials behave as they do and why they are used for certain application in certain location to treat the oral-dental diseases. Therefore, undergraduate dental students studying Science of Dental Materials in second year BDS will gain knowledge to understand the fundamental properties, composition, chemistry of dental product, behavior of dental materials in the delivery of quality patient care in addition to careful manipulation and clinical collation of available dental materials.

Dr. Muhammad Amber Fareed 
BDS, M.Sc, PhD
Associate Professor/HOD

Dr. Nauman Ahmed Noor 
BDS, M.Sc. 
Assistant Professor

Dr. Maria Asmat 

Dr. Fahad Sarfraz