Oral Biology

The subject of Oral Biology and Tooth Morphology is taught to 1st Year BDS students. Teaching in this subject is concerned with gross and histological features of oral cavity and its related structures. In addition to lectures and practical sessions other teaching methodologies such as small group discussions, tutorials and problem based learning are also used to enhance student’s learning and making them lifelong learners. The department also provides students with the best teaching facilities in the form of study models, charts, models, LED and microscopes for accurate visualization of histology of oral tissues.

Oral Biology is the branch of dentistry that includes the study of embryology (pre and post natal growth), oral physiology, gross anatomy, histology and development with special emphasis on study of dental hard and soft tissue (enamel, dentin, pulp and periodontium) and extraoral structures (salivary glands and TMJ). This subject provides the basic knowledge of the above mentioned areas which also highlights the clinical aspects and integration with other basic sciences subjects.

Tooth Morphology is a specialized branch of Oral Biology concerned with morphological aspects of each tooth in dentition and development of occlusion. This basic knowledge is integrated with Orthodontics and Operative dentistrywhich enables the clinician to achieve best clinical results while rearranging and restoring teeth.

  • Nedal Iqbal- Assistant Professor & HOD
  • ShaherBano- Senior Demonstrator
  • Rai Sadaf Nawaz- Demonstrator
  • Ghazala Hassan- Demonstrator

Faculty Testimonials

Dr. Nedal Iqbal

M. Phil (Oral Biology), B.D.S Head of the Department

Dentistry is a challenging profession which requires craftsmanship, skill and a sound theoretical knowledge. Fatima Memorial Hospital is committed to excellence in teaching, clinical expertise, research and to inculcate sense of pride, skill and confidence in their students. Our infrastructure facilities are among the best which are further enhanced by the dedicated faculty.

A new college day dawns, with chances for nurture and success are abundant. Inspiration is everywhere you look!

The opportunity to be better than you were yesterday is right here and now.

Contribution from Oral Biology Department

The faculty of department of Oral Biology actively participates to present CPC’s, involved in research and research related activities like oral and poster presentation in Annual Research Day at FMH. In modern dental curricula, integrated curriculum is being followed. So, keeping in view we have developed and implemented the integrated dental curriculum in FMH.