Forensic Medicine

The subject of Forensic Medicine deals with the application of medical knowledge to the purpose of law and furtherance justice. This department trains students to assist the courts of law for medico-legal advice. The museum contains different models, specimens, necessary instruments and other audiovisual aids for the teaching purposes. The department constitutes established laboratory for practical demonstrations for study of Forensic Medicine. This lab is equipped with all kinds of modern equipment for practical teaching of the subject. Autopsy work and other medico-legal cases are demonstrated at an authorized sister institution in the city at Allama Iqbal Medical College and Jinnah Hospital, Lahore.

Prof. Dr. M. Khalid Ch.

MBBS, Postgraduate Diploma

in Medical Jurisprudence

Professor & HOD

Prof. Akmal Shaheen

MBBS, Postgraduate Diploma in

Medical Jurisprudence


Dr. Mariam Hamad Shah

MBBS, Postgraduate

Diploma in Medical


Associate Professor

Dr. Sarfraz Mehmud


Senior Demonstrator

Dr. Roman Ashraf


Senior Demonstrator

Faculty Testimonials

Prof. Dr. M. Khalid Ch

HOD Forensic Medicine & Toxicology Department. BSc, MBBS, DMJ

I am always here to help you, but you’re got to take the lead.
The teacher is no longer the gatekeeper of all knowledge. His role has switched to guide, assist and groom the student’s potential. Student must know that we are here for their support and guidance but the responsibility for learning & succeeding is still theirs.

Prof. Dr. M. Akmal Shaheen

Professor MBBS, DMJ


When you want to succeed as badly as you want to breathe, than you will be successful. Believe it as the truth and the truth It shall become. If you plant the desire for success in you from the start, then you will be unstoppable.

Dr. Mariam Hamad

Associate Professor MBBS, DMJ


The trails of yesterday are behind you. A new chapter in your life has begun & with it comes innumerable possibilities. Chances for success and empathy are abundant. Inspiration is everywhere you look. The opportunity to be better than you were yesterday is right here, right now.