Principal College of Medicine’s Message


FRCS Ed, FFST Ed, FCPS (Pak), MCPS (Pak)
Principal, FMH College of Medicine
Associate Dean School of Health Sciences
HOD Ophthalmology

Professor Jamshed is a Medical Graduate and Ophthalmologist who did his Membership (MCPS) in 1989 & Fellowship (FCPS) in Ophthalmology in 1991 form College of Physicians and Surgeons Pakistan. He then did Fellowship in Ophthalmology (FRCS) from the Royal College of Surgeons Edinburgh in 1993. He was awarded Membership Fellow Faculty of Surgical Trainer (FFST) by the Royal College of Surgeons Edinburgh in 2013. In the same year he also completed MCPS HPE (Health Profession Education/Medical Education) form College of Physicians and Surgeons Pakistan. He is a faculty member, supervisor, trainer and examiner at under graduate and post graduate level for University of Health Sciences, Punjab University and College of Physicians and Surgeons Pakistan for over twenty years. He is Executive Council Member of OSP Lahore Branch and the Chairman Scientific Committee for National Ophthalmological Congress “The Lahore Ophthalmo” for 2014 and 2015 and Editor of “Pakistan Journal of Ophthalmology” in addition to Curriculum Faculty Member for Higher Education Commission and PMDC. Professor Jamshed Nasir has vast experience in the field of Ophthalmology as a surgeon and as teacher and known for his innovative development in the field of Ophthalmic Surgery. He has also introduced new teaching methodologies for the students at post and under graduate level of medical education

“I would like to welcome Medical and Dental College students session 2015-2020/2019 to Fatima Memorial System. Since its inception at the dawn of the new millennium, FMH College of Medicine and Dentistry has taken many strides to establish it as a major health professional training institution of the country. Recognized by a number of accreditation and recognizing bodies from all over the world including PMDC and UHS, its aim is to train medical, dental, allied health sciences and nursing students to be lifelong learners in this fast changing world in accordance with highest professional standards so that they can take a leadership role in health care, research and education in future. We believe and practice that education is a process of lighting a candle rather than filling an empty pail therefore we encourage active participation of student in the learning process in a refreshing and stress free environment. 38 University positions and 475 distinctions in academics have been achieved by the students of FMH College of Medicine and Dentistry over the past years. This reflects favorably on the competence, dedication and interest of our faculty, our training facilities and enthusiasm of our students. We have an active system of electives which provides our students a broad based education in accordance with their variable interests both inside the country and abroad. We expect our students to adhere to the highest ethical standards of judgment and conduct as it applies to the health care milieu and demonstrate a critical self-appraisal in their knowledge and practice of medicine as well as give and receive constructive appraisal from patients, colleagues and other health care professionals what today is known as 360 degrees feedback system. We want to make them an active and useful health professional member of the society in general and the community in particular. We have a robust admission process which is based on merit and transparency. The candidates selected will have the satisfaction of being the best and the institution will ensure that their potential is fully realized in their training.”